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300 bed hospital for Saudi Yemeni Health Care Company Sana’a Yemen

This is first hospital project completed by IHCC outside of K.S.A. The scope of work was to design, construct, deliver & the installation of medical equipments. The hospital is designed & constructed as T shape which ensures a smooth, simple, clear and seamless flow. The design allows the patients to come to the hospital without any confusion, starting from the main entrance with straight corridors, conveniently placed departments attached with relevant service areas in the sequences or priority. The departments which are not associated with patients like ware house, material management, maintenance and other support services departments are clearly segregated from the patients handling areas. The expansion can be done without disturbing the existing facilities & ongoing functions of the hospital. The hospital is located in the Sana’a city near to the airport and it has 300 beds with multispecialty facilities.

Major Facilities

Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery, Cardiology / Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Pediatrics, Dermatology, ENT, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, IVF, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Plastic surgery, Rheumatology, Open Heart Surgery, Nephrology, Dental, Diabetes, Day Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery , physiotherapy, Kitchen, Laundry, Ware Houses, Pharmacy, Auditorium, Guest Rooms, Meeting


Site area 104,636 Sq.M.
Built up area 36,334 Sq.M
Nos. of floor
Two Basements+Ground + Four floors

Completion Date
June, 2006

Project Cost
$ 88 Million

Buildings Detail
Hospital Building, Staff Housing, Parking Building

Services by IHCC
- Architectural Design
- Detailed Engg. Design
- Construction (Civil and Electromechanical Works)
- Supply & Installation of Medical Equipments
- Soft & Hard Land Scapping
- Human Recourses for Hospital
- Operation of Hospital
- Maintenance

Saudi Yemeni Healthcare Company Sana’a Yemen


Saudi Yemeni Healthcare Company
Healthcare Company Sana’a Yemen   Medical Tower Construction

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