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Charity Blood Bank, Jeddah

IHCC has constructed Charity Blood Bank that is the largest in the region, and will ensure the availability of quality blood and blood products to anyone at no cost.

Major Facilities

• Storage for screened & unscreened blood
• Serology Lab
• Microbiology Lab
• Hematology Lab
• Chemistry Lab
• Immune Hematology Lab
• Male & female Donner Areas


2850 Sq.M.

Completion Date
Oct, 2009

Project Cost
$ 4.5 Million

Services by IHCC
- Architectural Design
- Detailed Engg. Design
- Construction (Civil and Electromechanical Works)
- Supply & Installation of Medical Equipments

Charity Blood Bank in Jeddah ihcc


Charity Blood Blank
charity blood bank in Jeddah 2   Charity Blood Bank, Jeddah
Charity Blood Bank 2   Interior Finishing

has handed over the first phase of Dubai Minature Health City to Emirates Healthcare.
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